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Direct Paddy Seeder

Direct Paddy Seeder
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If looking for a revolutionary technique for sowing paddy seeds in the wetland field, then our highly efficient Direct Paddy Seeder would serve the purpose in the best way. Coming out as the best alternative to manual work, the seeder that we offer is leaving no stone unturned to come to the aid of the farmers. This seeder, made of plastic, covers 8 rows of 20 cm row-to-row spacing at a time, making itself an incredible option. We are emerging as the promising Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Direct Paddy Seeder.


Planting Paddy with Direct Paddy Seeder :

  • KSNM Direct Paddy Seeder is an efficient and inexpensive implement for row sowing of pre-germinated paddy seed in wet land field. This is a manually pulled implement developed and certified by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, India.
  • KSNM Direct Paddy Seeder covers 8 rows of 20 cm row to row spacing at a time. This implement ensures uniform plant population throughout the field.


Field Preparation :

  • Field must be well puddled and leveled.
  • Wate must be drained out atleast 24 hrs before sowing to form    hardslurry  pan of puddle soil.
  • At the time of sowing, only paper thin of water should be  maintained in the puddled field.
  • Water should be flooded to the  puddled field once in  three days after sowing  and drained out immediately.
  • This practice must be continued for 12 days. Thereafter depending upon the height of the seeding, Water should be allowed to stand in the field.

Major Parts of the drum seeder :

Hyper boloid shaped seed drum with 200mm diameter, 8 numbers of seed metering holes of 9mm hole diameter. Baffles are provided inside the  seed drum between seed holes resulting in uniformity  of seed rate through out the operation. These baffles also ensure hill dropping of seeds. Each seed drum has two rows of planting. Four such drums can be assembled to form 8 rows of seed drum as shown in the picture.

Wheel are provided at both ends. These wheels are made up of plastic material to provide floating  characteristics. Wheel diameter is 2 feet.

Three square shaft to be joined to make a  single axle, and the four seed drums are assembled to gether with the square shaft. The lower, middle and upper handle are joined together using the handle joiner which is meant to pull along.


Operation procedure :

  • After assembling, fill the drums with pre-germinated seeds. Remember only two-third of the drum are to be filled at a time.
  • Close the mouth with the knob provided.
  • Pull the seeder manually at a normal walking speed (1 Km/h) in the backward position as in the photo.
  • The wheel  impression in the first pass will server as a maker.
  • In the second pass the wheel should pass on the same wheel impression of the previous pass to maintain the row-to-row spacing of 20 cm.
  • Occasionally watch the dropping of the seeds  through the holes of the seeder .
  • Refill the drum when it reaches  one fourth capacity.
  • Continue the seeding operation.


Salient Features :

  • Labour cost is reduced drastically.
  • Uniformity in seed sowing and plant  population.
  • Continuous  drilling of seeds is eliminated.
  • Reduction in seed rate and thinning cost.
  • Crop matures 7-10 days earlier than transplanted paddy.
  • Light in weight and easy to handle.
  • An area of 1 hectare can be sown in a day.

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